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Pollock & Pollock

Project Overview

BravoFACTUAL – Documentary

15 minutes, 2016


Siblings Ron and Natalie Pollock were born in Winnipeg in the late 1940s. Growing up the Pollocks were passionate about songwriting.


In the late 60s, Ron and Natalie hopped a train to New York City. Their goal: to meet Bert Bacharach. They did meet Burt Bacharach, but not before they ran into Dionne Warwick who saw something special in the brother/sister duo from Canada. She produced their recording “A Red Fire Burns” which was released by Capitol Records in 1969. Ron and Natalie were ecstatic. But the Pollocks did not stay in New York for very long. They returned to Winnipeg soon after.


In 1985, the two started their own TV show on public access television in Winnipeg. The show eventually evolved into the famous, Pollock and Pollock Gossip Show. Thee colourful and eccentric show featured several minutes of “Nifty Natalie” dancing while her brother, “Rockin’ Ron” sang the show’s theme song. The show quickly gained a wide audience and the Pollocks finally became household names in Winnipeg.


The Pollocks say that the show was pulled o the air in 1989 because of the unwanted attention caused by Natalie’s breasts. After this statement, the Pollocks re-entered the international spotlight, and appeared on several American television shows including the Phil Donahue Show and the Joan Rivers Show.


In 1992, Natalie gained media attention again when former M-A-S-H star Larry Linville had copped a feel of her breast while she posed for a photo with the actor at the Winnipeg Press Club.


Today, Ron is 71 and Natalie is 68. Together they run a YouTube channel entitled the Pollock and Pollock News Channel which currently has over 5 million views. To Winnipeggers, the Pollocks are legendary. But who are they really? Pollock & Pollock is a portrait of Ron and Natalie Pollock, two of the most interesting real-life characters living in the Canadian prairies, yesterday and today.

Pollock & Pollock

  • Producer
    Janelle Wookey
  • Directors
    Janelle Wookey & Jérémie Wookey
  • Writers
    Laurence B. Lemaire, Janelle Wookey & Jérémie Wookey