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Le souhait d’Augustine (Augustine's Wish)

Project Overview

Unis & TV5 – Documentary

1 hour, 2016


A few short months before her passing, Augustine Abraham called on the next generation of Métis to keep the spirit alive. Janelle Wookey attempts to heed her call with the creation of a project whose success hinges on the participation of at least 100 other Métis of her generation.


Seven years ago, Janelle Wookey put her family on screen to tell the story of the last three generations of the Red River Métis. The hidden (her Mémére’s generation), the lost (her mother’s), and the found (Janelle). That year marked the end of a ten-year period of unprecedented growth for Manitoba’s Métis population which was attributed in great part to what was being labeled a “cultural awakening”. The years since have been a celebratory time in Métis history – but now what?


In an interview shot just a few months before her death, Mme Abraham, a matriarch of Manitoba’s Métis community and great-niece of Louis Riel, left an important message for the "found" generation. She warned that it would be up to them to keep the spirit of the Métis alive. In her message, she asked that they “dig deep” and “do something bigger,” so that a very important past may not be forgotten.


In an attempt to answer Augustine’s call, Janelle rallies the troops to create a new, online archive of Métis history and platform where the ‘found’ generation of Métis might learn to define who they are in today’s world and work together to better understand what their role can be going forward.


In this film, co-directed by her brother Jérémie, Janelle Wookey ventures on her next quest and along the way, discovers the realities and challenges facing today’s ‘found’ generation of Métis.

  • Producers
    Janelle Wookey, Jérémie Wookey & Colleen Alksnis
  • Directors
    Janelle Wookey, Jérémie Wookey
  • Writers
    Laurence B. Lemaire, Janelle Wookey & Jérémie Wookey
  • Research
    Laurence B. Lemaire