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Comment devenir adulte (season 2)

Project Overview

Unis TV – Youth Series

13 x 26 minutes, 2018

Premiered on Wednesday, September 5, 2018


"Comment devenir adulte" (season 2) is a youth series that follows Danis, Janelle, Max, and Mia-Lee, four Franco-Manitoban high school students, as they make the transition from adolescence to adulthood.


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  • Directors
    Mylène Simard, Jérémie Wookey & Janelle Wookey
  • Writers
    Mylène Simard, Matt Schween, Jérémie Wookey & Janelle Wookey
  • Producers
    Jérémie Wookey & Janelle Wookey
  • Director of Photography
    Matt Schween
  • Production Manager
    Janelle Wookey
  • Editors
    Jérémie Wookey, Trevor Hnatowich & Danelle Granger
  • Researcher / Production Coordinator and Assistant
    Marlène Desaulniers-Bernard