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La Légende de la cloche (The Legend of the Bell)

Project Overview

Radio-Canada – Documentary

27 minutes, 2014


In May of 1885, the Northwest Rebellion, led by Louis Riel and the Métis, was defeated in the famed Battle of Batoche. At the end of the bloody three-day showdown, their wounds were deepened when Ontario soldiers made off with the town’s prized church bell, “Marie-Antoinette” as a spoil of war.


For the next 106 years, Marie-Antoinette was kept and displayed in Millbrook, Ontario as the town’s war trophy. In October of 1991, a group of gregarious Manitoba Métis paid a visit to the Legion where the bell was being held. The men, posing as tourists, asked to have photos taken with Marie-Antoinette. One month later she disappeared. Marie-Antoinette’s keeper and whereabouts have remained a mystery for 22 years...until now.


“La Légende de la cloche” is the real, better-than-fiction story of the Bell of Batoche.

  • Executive Producer
    Janelle Wookey
  • Producers
    Jérémie Wookey, Colleen Alksnis & Claude Saindon
  • Director of Photography
    Jérémie Wookey
  • Editors
    Janelle & Jérémie Wookey
  • Researcher / Production Coordinator
    Annick Marion