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Mémére Métisse

Project Overview

CBC, Radio-Canada – Documentary

22 minutes, 2012


Cecile St.Amant has been keeping a deep secret all her life. Cecile is Métis. Now her grand-daughter is setting out to find out why the family’s Métis blood has been such an embarrassment to her Mémére all these years.


After 60 years of shame, can Mémére’s mind be changed and eyes be opened to a new, enlightened view of her own Métis heritage?


WFI’s passion for the documentary genre was born of this, their debut film, which premiered on opening night of the 2008 ImagineNATIVE Film Festival and went on to air on CBC, Radio-Canada and the Aboriginal People’s Television Network but its greatest accomplishment was in changing the hearts and minds of countless “closet-Métis” in their 70s, 80s and 90s who saw the film and were taken right along for the ride as Cecile (Mémére) journeys through denial, self-reflection and acceptance to find joy and peace in a new-found Métis pride.

Mémére Métisse Trailer

  • Director
    Janelle Wookey
  • Editor
    Janelle Wookey
  • Director of Photography
    Jérémie Wookey