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Les boys du ballet (Ballet Boys)

Project Overview

Unis & TV5 – Documentary

1 hour, 2015​


"Les boys du ballet" is a one-hour documentary, which follows the lives of three young men between ages 10 and 21 studying dance at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.


At just 10 years old, Logan is auditioning to study ballet professionally. But while he and his family weigh the pros and cons of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, unexpected circumstances thrust the next few months of their lives in another direction. Michel, 14 has hit a crucial point in his path as a dancer. This year, his teachers are working to determine whether or not he possesses the willpower and artistic aptitude to go to the next level. At 21, Philippe is in his final year as a student. After more than 10 years of intensive ballet study, he is about to find out whether he’ll be selected as part of the minority of his peers who will succeed in obtaining a professional contract.


Featuring, in-depth, inside perspectives from some of Canada’s top ballet experts, "Les boys du ballet" grants audiences an intimate, behind-the-scenes peek into the rapidly changing world of the young male ballet dancer.

Bande annonce, Les Boys du ballet

  • Producers
    Janelle Wookey, Jérémie Wookey & Colleen Alksnis
  • Directors & Writers
    Janelle & Jérémie Wookey
  • Co-Writer & Research
    Laurence B. Lemaire