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A Day in the Life of a Young Person with Anxiety...

Project Overview

Research Project – Dr. Roberta Woodgate, University of Manitoba
5 x 3 minutes, 2017
A series of 5 dance vignettes that details the experiences of young people living with anxiety.
VIDEO 5: This film shows the heavy burden faced by young people living with anxiety and how by the end of the day, they can feel worn down by the weight of it all. It’s really about encouraging people to reach out, to seek and offer support and to listen to the experiences of young people. (Performed by Kelsey Miller).

Part 5: Can’t You See I’m Struggling?

  • Producer
    Janelle Wookey
  • Director
    Jérémie Wookey
  • Director of Photography
    Matt Schween
  • Editors
    Trevor Hnatowich & Jérémie Wookey
  • Focus Puller & Gaffer
    Brad Crawford
  • Production Coordinator
    Marlène Desaulniers-Bernard
  • Production Assistant
    Trevor Hnatowich